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Follow the steps below to fund your MetaMask wallet.

Step #1: Sign Up For

With MetaMask, you can't purchase cryptocurrency. You must use another wallet to purchase the cryptocurrency and move it to MetaMask. is an app that allows you to purchase and move cryptocurrency. Create a account by downloading the app on your phone.

Click below to download the app.

Google Play - Click here for Android
Apple App Store - Click here for iPhone

Step #2: Click Trade

Click the blue Trade button

Step #3: Click Buy

Click the Buy button under the + sign

Step #4: Select Binance Coin (BNB)

From the list, select Binance Coin (BNB). If you do not see Binance Coin, type in BNB in the search bar, then click Binance Coin.

Enter the amount of BNB you want to purchase. However, you will need to enter a little more to cover the fees to purchase BNB.

Step #5: Add Your Card For Purchase

Enter the card you want to use to purchase the BNB.

Have in mind that it VERY likely that the transaction may be declined. Your card may be flagged with a fraud alert and/or insufficient daily limit. Contact your bank representative. Ask them to allow all bank purchases.

Do not mention that you are buying cryptocurrency.

Step #6: Next You'll Add Your Purchased BNB to Your MetaMask Wallet

Click Here To Add Your BNB To Your MetaMask Wallet