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Follow the steps below to create your cryptocurrency wallet.

Step #1: Create Your MetaMask Account

Go to to create your account on a Google Chrome browser.  If you do not have Google Chrome, click here to download.

Click the blue Download button in the top right corner.

Step #2: Download MetaMask

Click the blue Install MetaMask for Chrome button.

Step #3: Add to Chrome

Click the blue Add To Chrome button.

Step #4: Add the Extension

A window will appear. Click the Add Extension button.

Step #5: You've Successfully Installed The Extension

A window will appear stating that MetaMask has been added to your Chrome browser.

Step #6: Click Get Started

Click the blue Get Started button.

Step #7: Create A MetaMask Wallet

Click the blue Create a Wallet button.

Step #8: Click "I Agree"

Click the blue I Agree button to accept the terms.

Step #9: Create a Password

Create a password. You will need to enter it twice.

Also, write down your password and keep it in a safe place in case you forget your password in the future.

Step #10: Write Down Your Secret Recovery Phrase


You will be given a Secret Recovery Phrase. Write this phrase down and keep it in a safe place. It will contain 12 words.

This phrase is the only way to access your account if you can't login or if you change computers.

Never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone. Anyone who has this phrase will have access to your account.

Click the blue Next button.

Step #11: Congratulations! You've Created Your MetaMask Wallet

Your wallet has been created. Click the blue All Done button.

Step #12: Next You'll Purchase BNB

Click Here To Add Purchase BNB with