King Kong Matrix

Follow the steps below to swap BNB for USDC.

Step #1: Click Add Tokens

Now let's swap your purchased BNB for USDC.

Click Add Tokens near the bottom of the Trust Wallet home page.

Step #2: Select Binance USDC Coin BEP20

In the search bar, type in USDC. Scroll down and you will see...

Binance USDC Coin BEP20

Flip the switch to green.

Click Done.

Step #3: Click Binance-Peg USD Coin

In the list, click Binance-peg USD Coin.

Step #4: Copy The USDC Address

Click the USDC logo at the top of the screen.

A notification pop up will appear showing your USDC address was copied.

Next, click Browser at the bottom of your screen.

Step #5: Type Pancakeswap.Finance

At the top of the page in the browser bar, type...

Click the blue Search button.

Step #6: Click Main Network

This page will automatically show.


Click Main Wallet.

Step #7: Click BNB Smart Chain

Click BNB Smart Chain

Step #8: Click Connect

This page will show with your Trust Wallet account.

Click the blue Connect button.

Step #9: Click Trade

Click Trade on the bottom left of your screen.

Step #10: Click Cake

You will need to add USDC. Click Cake.

Step #11: Import USDC

In the search bar, type and find USDC.

Click Import next to USDC (Binance Pegged USD Coin).

Step #12: Agree to the Terms

Check the box next to I Understand.

Then, click the pink Import button.

Step #13: Click Max

The screen will now show that you are swapping BNB to USDC.

Under BNB, click the Max button.

Step #14: Click Swap

Selecting Max in the previous steps, selects all the BNB in your Trust Wallet account. You can always adjust the amount if needed.

Click the blue Swap button.

Step #15: Click Confirm Swap

Confirm the amount of BNB you want to swap.

Then, click the blue Confirm Swap button.

Step #16: Click Confirm

Confirm your payment.

Then, click the blue Confirm button.

Step #17: Click Close

Click the blue Close button.

Step #18: Close the Window

Click the X near the top right of your screen.

Step #19: Congrats! You Have USDC

Congratulations! You have swapped BNB for USDC.

Step #20: Next You'll Sign Up For King Kong Matrix

Click Here To Sign Up For King Kong Matrix